Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What features are available in FlipDoc

Now you can embed videos and add individual hyperlinks to your FlipDoc to make it truly interactive.

Q. How much does itcost?

Prices start from £199 for up to 8 pages and then additional £25 for every two pages thereafter.

Q. Will FlipDoc be viewable on all devices

Yes, unlike many others FlipDoc is non-flash so it will be viewable on iPads, all computers and browsers plus any tablets or smartphones.

Q. How do my customers see the Flipdoc PDF?

You'll be sent a unique link to your Flipdoc which you can send in an email or link on your website. We'll also give you the code so you can embed the Flipdoc on any of your web pages.

Q. Can my FlipDoc be amended once live?
Yes, it is relatively simple to make changes to a live FlipDoc, even add new pages or update links and images. There may be a small charge which we would quote in advance.

Q. How long is my FlipDoc available for?

Your FlipDoc is available for 12 months, then this can be renewed annually for a small charge.

Q. Can I track views of my FlipDoc?

Yes, we track number of views and number of unique visitors as well as other visitor statistics.

Q. Is the design restricted to set templates?
No, design and layout is completely bespoke including logos, text layout and even double page images. We can match exact colours of your branding and style.