FlipDoc features

Bespoke Layout and Design

With FlipDoc there are no restrictions on design, we can match your corporate style and colours or follow an existing pdf or website layout to keep your FlipDoc in line with your brand.

Embed Video

Rather than taking visitors off to third party sites to view a video, with FlipDoc you can keep the user on your page with embedded video, it will work with any video content from Youtube, Vimeo etc. that you can extract some embed code.

Individual Hyperlinks

Within your FlipDoc you can set multiple hyperlinks to individual elements, such as text, email addresses and images. It is vital to capture interest with relevant call to action links in relevant places, they open in a new window as well so the user isn't taken away from your FlipDoc.

Convert a PDF

If you have an existing pdf you just want to convert to a FlipDoc exactly how it is, we can also do this. Of course you can't have the interactive features such as video and hyperlinks but if that works best for you, we can do this.

View some more examples or contact us to setup a FlipDoc.